Area9800: The Story Line

Somewhere in the universe on the┬áplanet Area9800 contact with several mineral miners is lost. A team was dropped to find them…

The team soon discovered the swarm hit again. After 7 months of silence the mysterious insect pest is back after destroying the nest at Jacob’s Rest. It appears that the mysterious insects are moving in the universe and they begin to form a threat for whole mankind…



Location where you and your squad will be dropped to battle against the Swarm.


The power supply source you have to bring online to continue the investigation.


Desert that has to be covered between the powerplant and an outpost in a remote area.


An abandoned radar station that has been completey demolished by the Swarm. Your squad’s task is to find as much data as possible about the Swarm from the remains of the outpost.


After discovering valuable information in the outpost your team will be dropped close to a hive. In this gigantic tunnel system of the Swarm it’s your job to find the Queen.


Final map where you finally face the Queen. This vicious creature must be stopped to eleminate the Swarm.

once and for all….